Friday, 25 January 2019

Apparently: Treasury may rule out online tax that 'could save high street'.

"as official felt it would have broken European Union rules."

"Mel Stride, financial secretary to the Treasury, wrote to Nicky Morgan, chairwoman of the Treasury select committee to warn her there was a high “risk” that the tax would not be compatible with EU regulations, the Times reported on Friday."

Breaking EU rules? Incompatible with EU regulations?

Is it just me, and am I missing something, or does the Treasury seem certain of our future relationship with the EU? 

Perhaps they didn't get the memo?

If they do, perhaps they should share that information with the rest of us, or start working towards a potentially different outcome instead of talking just the present and using language that gives the impression they are doing nothing about Brexit.

No surprise then, that the UK seems so ill prepared and that there is so much talk of a negative fall-out if key Government departments potentially aren't preparing for change and different scenario outcomes. 
Would that practice and lack of vision survive within a business? Not for long, or at least the business wouldn't.

Friday, 9 November 2018

RIP Digitallook

Tough time all round waiting for markets to settle after the bears wrest control of markets. Even more disconcerting is the loss of my watchlist and favoured research resource of many years.
I'm trying to think of a time I didn't use it but can't recall how long it has been up and running or how long I have been using it, perhaps 15 years or more?

Anyway, looks like the new owners have stamped their mark and swept away the old which has unfortunately deleted my account and my historic global watchlist which served me as a litmus test of all my thoughts, strategies, and legacy investments.

So in having to start again, the new site appears less user friendly and slower given the new graphics etc. Although, the old site has been unwieldy too given the amount of animated adverts that it was being asked to bear.

Can't complain too much but now on the lookout for new tools and resources.