Thursday, 8 December 2011

1 year old blogger!

Well, well, it was my birthday yesterday. As a Blogger I am now 1 year old having written my first post on the 7th December 2010:- Into the unknown - my very first blog! 

A nice surprise really as I had no real expectations when I set out to diary my experiences or if anybody would be interested in reading them.
It has certainly been a much more emotionally draining year than I would have anticipated given the potential pile up that the markets and the EU seems to be flirting with.

In the last 12 months I have:
- "published" 194 posts
- had 6,905 page views
- had so many nationalities viewing that it made me question that there are so many countries, but there is and the top 6 are as follows:
           United Kingdom
           United States 

- gained 2 followers
- published 18 comments from readers and well wishers.

Despite the market's upheavals the portfolio is holding up pretty well (November 2011: Portfolio Update. ) albeit with a seemingly constant risk of implosion should the European Union disunite in an uncontrolled fashion.

Anyway I wanted to say a big thank you for reading my posts and keeping me focussed on writing and investing. 
I am always open to suggestions and comments so keep them coming and roll on my 2nd birthday.

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