Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Apple Inc. v. Proview Technology!

You may well have noted the newsflow around Apple and China's Proview Technology with the latter bringing a lawsuit against Apple to prevent the former selling products in China named iPad.
The enclosed link summarises some of the court discussion that has recently taken place between the 2 protagonists.

The company supposedly marketed a product in 2000 that failed to take-off which it called the iPad.
An affiliate of the company sold the name rights to Apple in 2009 which Apple argues included China but that Proview have subsequently reneged on the deal.
Proview also blames the Apple device's success as a reason for its own product failing..... even though the iPad wasn't launched for another 10 years, in 2010.

Its an interesting argument from a company that by all accounts is struggling and in need of a cash injection (but has no ulterior motive!) so it will be interesting to see how it pans out but it sounds like Proview are desperate for a settlement of any kind.
More interesting still, and potentially painful, for Apple stakeholders should Proview win its argument, and any ruling that keeps iPads off the shelves for any length of time in China which could open up an opportunity for competitors.

One to keep an eye on as it has the potential to inflict inertia on Apple in the near term should it be strung out for any length of time.

Article links:
- Company Sues Apple Over iPad Name in Shanghai


  1. Should be another good year for apple...chinese court case in favour to apple, launch of ipad3 soon and who knows, iphone5 come q3.....

    Just wondering what if any provisions you make for new tax year approaching?

  2. Hi Ritsut,
    you might say they are a "core" holding.
    But the case won was in the lower courts so could be viewed as passing the buck and giving the responsibility to the higher courts.

    Not too much tax planning as such these days as the majority is already in place. I prefer to plan it out at the beginning of the year rather than rush it at the end and see nothing of value in the industry's marketing push.
    It also helps to ensure that I am not suddenly flush with cash burning a hole in my pocket looking to invest at arguably one of the worst times of the year.
    This just leaves a little sweep up to maximise allowances if I have anything spare.

    Most of my dealings are in a self select ISA to shelter them from CGT and any further Income Tax liability. Traditionally these have been backed up by an equivalent amount of savings in Index linked savings certs and Cash ISA's but I am more inclined to consider moving some of these into equities at present whilst the muggings approved by the Bank of England continue!

    Best regards