Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Markets down today: German Car makers hit!

Interesting to see that one of the negative drivers today across European markets is the fall in Automobile manufacturers following China's decision to raise the price of fuel by 6.4% for petrol and 7% for diesel and how this might affect sales of vehicles.

Not the only reason documented though with various aspects of Chinese slowdown also affecting miners.

But looking at Car manufacturers on my watchlist I see that:
- BMW @ Eu68.45, -3.39 (-4.72%)
- Porsche @ Eu45.02, -1.48 (-3.19%)
- VW @ Eu122.95, -5.70 (-4.43%)

I note that Daimler Benz have also been hit along with French manufacturers.

If  our love of cars is anything to go by I'm not sure that this would be anything more than a temporary blip in the long term trend of vehicle demand in China so might yet provide an opportunity to invest.

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