Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Markets have that sinking feeling again!

FTSE 100 @5405.25, -32.37 (-0.60%)

Just had a look through the markets today and see that the FTSE 100 still hasn't quite jumped off the cliff yet despite dragging its anchor through 5360 today.
France's CAC 40 even finished up at 3048.67, +9.4 (+0.31%)!

Rumours abound that the Greek people are starting to "run" their banks and that the ECB has cut lending lines to some of them.
All this comes despite the words from various of the Euro heavyweights that they want Greece to remain in the Euro.
Seems to me a pointless exercise to "run" the Greek banks (unless of course they are handing out gold), as my understanding is that Euros are identifiable by country of issue so will largely be worthless should there be enough Greek voters, protesters and politicians to push the country out of this Euro denominated game of poker. 
However, I do understand the possible feelings of helplessness that many might be feeling and that drawing money out of bank accounts might at least seem like some action and push back that feeling of helplessness for a little while.

You might also presume that by inadvertently "running" the banks they at least have some desire to preserve wealth and understand that their immediate fortunes are tied to the Euro. Any return to the Drachma and/or interim promissory notes must surely come with a huge amount of faith given the daily inflation that is likely to ensue if/when they are used for trade.
Unfortunately, it may be that this will only hasten the endgame by creating a credit crunch on the Greek banks followed by?

Hugely concerning and as yet I don't think anyone has any idea of how much or how little knock on damage will result as this runs its course.

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