Tuesday, 17 January 2012

IPhone and Android: Q1 and Xmas sales expectations!

Apple @ $419.81, -$1.58 (-0.37%).

Interesting reads on Iphone and smartphone uptakes in the last 3 months.
The following article on http://www.appleinsider.com: Apple's iPhone 4S propels iOS smartphone market share to 43% in Oct., Nov. 2011, suggests that iPhone sales in the US have been given a strong push with the release of the 4S and IOS 5 and may have had up to 43% of smartphone sales in the 2 month period ending Nov 2011 (26% in the previous quarter).
Over the same period sales of Android handsets may have fallen from 60% to 47% which still makes the smartphone market a 2 horse race in the US (and probably the world over).
Interesting that Apple seem to have taken the top 3 places in the sales charts over this 2 month period which could point to the appeal of a cheaper iPhone and/or the release of IOS 5. 
Either way the article suggests that the older version of iPhone have outsold the latest 4 S competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S II. 

Smartphones share of the handset market has also continued to grow and could now be at 67% of US handset sales.
But this is only October and November, so with December still to be added to the numbers what is the general expectation?
Well, Google's Andy Rubin reported 3.7m activations over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (I think that's worldwide), versus a prior daily average of 700,000  but, 

"Flurry Analytics reported that 6.8 million new iOS and Android devices were activated on Christmas Day, implying 353 percent growth compared to earlier in the month".

"Apple is widely expected to report soaring iPhone sales when it announces its December quarter results on Tuesday, Jan. 24. The consensus estimate among a poll of professional analysts stands at 29.74 million, while the average forecast among independent analysts and bloggers is 33.4 million units".

Remembering that iPhone sales in the last quarter fell to 17.1m (from a record 20m in Q3), and actually disappointed analysts and investors hyped expectations, it looks like there could be a another record busting sales figure in the first quarter of this year. 
Lets hope that this time, the company's view and analysts expectations are a bit more in tune, and that the results put a little more of a deserved premium back into the share price which I can picture starting with a 5!

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