Thursday, 26 January 2012

Portfolio Prices back up and running.

Okay so I have managed to get the prices to update again on the Portfolio updates page. Seems that sometime after I initially set them up Google has changed something in the way it recognises a ticker specifically the full stop.
So RR., NG., AV., BP., BG., BA., are now recognised in Google Finance as a 2 letter ticker minus the full stop.
As mentioned previously in New Portfolio Updates page.,  I have been experimenting with the Google Finance functions as a means to pull in live prices and also use this page (accessible from the list above: Home; Calculators; Portfolio Updates), as a quick storage of all my monthly portfolio updates.

Page links:
- Portfolio Updates.
- New Portfolio Updates page.


  1. Any thoughts on the Facebook IPO, you interested in taking a plunge.....

    Only competitor I see is Google, but they have tried and failed in competing social websites. Bebo is touted to be bust, and Justin Timberlakes venture into MySpace seems to gather little traction in gaining media attention. linkedinn has created a niche market, but I can only see Facebook entering and squishing them....

  2. Hi Ritsut,
    would love to but have big reservations on price and valuations.
    Still not entirely clear how much profit they can lever from their 800m subscribers (in theory it is big if they are all consumers) but $2bn is a figure I saw floating around last year.
    I believe the float will only be for a small portion of the "current" valuation, maybe 20%, and like a pyramid scheme will seriously reward current owners. If I recall correctly in last years auction which valued the company at around $50bn a Russian investment bank bought a stake but then immediately started talking up the valuation to $75-$100bn.
    Certainly brings to mind the dotcom bubble.
    I suspect that it will be too rich for me and that I will likely have to wait until it, or the market stumbles again to allow me in.
    Having missed out on a couple of dips I am thinking seriously about Google again though which has stumbled again on profits as it invests in talent/infrastructure to continue to grow sales in search, advertising and "lateral" integration.
    Keep me informed though.

    Best regards