Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2010 Porfolio Performance!

Well here it is, my virtual portfolio (as at close of play Fri 31 Dec), with the proportional weighting that each share holds within my portfolio as well as the forecast dividend yield (if held for the full year). The yield is slightly understated due to how I have chosen to detail Invesco Perpetual units where the yield on the High Income fund is just over 3% but, as my holding is in accumulation units, the dividends are issued but automatically re-invested so I have chosen not to show the yield.  
Noticeably out of balance due to the holdings in, and individual fortunes of, R-R and National Grid where conscious decisions coupled with rational risks have resulted in current levels.
You can probably also see that there is more than one strategy here as well as some remnants of previous strategies (I promised warts and all), which I will try to break down and expand upon as this thread develops.
Dividends are retained and re-invested within the portfolio.
Dealing and account management charges have been included.

% holdingF'cast dividend yield
National Grid17.63%6.61%
Invesco Perpetual High Income Accumulation units 7.00%0.00%
IG Group3.91%3.96%
BG Group2.74%1.01%
Scottish and Southern2.45%6.05%
BAE Systems2.39%5.18%
William Hill2.31%4.46%
Talk Talk1.98%3.57%
2010 Portfolio gain (net of charges)26.42%Incl. Div.
2010 FTSE 100 gain (5412.88 - 5971.01)10.31%Exc. Div.

So using a notional 1000 as the base point for my index as at the 1 January 2010, the Merchant Adventurer's Index has now climbed to 1264.2 as at the 1 January 2011.
Or, put another way, £10,000 would now be worth £12,642 incl. dividends and net of dealing charges. 
Not bad at all, if I say so myself (I can probably justify a 5% management fee now!!).
Anyway, here's hoping that, with a little bit of luck and a strong following wind, 2011 will be just as profitable! (Now, where is that rabbit foot?).

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