Thursday, 14 July 2011

Compound Annual Rate of Return Calculator added!

Well, I had given up on adding a spreadsheet to this site but have managed to find a means of doing so thanks to a post on "Adventures in Educational Blogging" (which has no links to myself) and Zoho.

Anyway, in a previous post: How to make a Million (by the time you are 65)!, I discussed and described a formula (in Excel) which utilises a starting sum, a target sum, and a time horizon, in order to understand the Compound Annual Rate of Return required to achieve the target sum.
I then spent some time trying to upload a spreadsheet to demonstrate this but until now have been unable to make it "live" and editable.

Looks like it may have worked and I have added a "second" pagetab to the Blog called Calculators which can be located just below the Header.

There are some limitations in Zoho's free offering which means that the presentation is not what it could be (gridlines, formatting etc.). But, I think the fact that it works is a real bonus.

Hopefully useful for someone as a starting point although I will probably look to "develop" it further.

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